DOCTOR DEATH CRUSH are a 5-piece rock band from the sulfurous depths of HELL. They produce a highly unique and contemporary blend of glam, goth and grunge with a heavy and intricate sound. Most often, fans of DOCTOR DEATH CRUSH rave about the unmistakably unique vocal style, soaring, skull-melting guitar solos and powerfully cathartic live performances.

They are currently based in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Following up the release of their debut EP: "JEALOUS AUDIENCE" (available for free on bandcamp and soundcloud), DOCTOR DEATH CRUSH has just recorded a single and an accompanying music video for their hit song "ING (everything sucks)". Available on iTunes!

For booking information please contact doctordeathcrush@gmail.com.

"Zack Violet commands his audience to take in every single snarky, soulful word. He bellows out a varying range of notes and spices them with squeals and shrieks that exercise a philosophy of vocal freedom...guitarist Steven Lynn...is one of those players that controls his instrument as if it were his own flesh and blood body part. If you are one of those people who think solos are outdated, or boring... he will reaffirm your faith." - Lumpen Magazine

Lead vocalist and primary songwriter Zack Violet is also the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for Chicago-based futuristic theatre rock duo 'HAHALALA'. Steven Lynn has been a member of 'The Hound', and 'Superflux'. Drummer Sam Ephland has been involved in scads of underground Kalamazoo hip-hop, indie rock and jazz acts in Chicago and Kalamazoo, and is an accomplished producer of electronic music under the moniker 'Land of Eph'. Bassist Brian Sutton is also currently affiliated with 'Lower Automation'. Guitarist Lachlan MacQuarrie is the also the singer, lead guitarist and songwriter for Kalamazoo based garage-rock outfit 'The Savage Oms'.

Zack Violet - lead vocals/piano
Steven Lynn - guitar/backing vocals
Lachlan Roderick Wallace MacQuarrie - guitar/backing vocals
Brian Sutton - bass guitar
Samuel Ephland - drums


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