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FAQ's for Hiring Me:

Since I play quite a bit in the indie band world, I have encountered many people who are interested in hiring me for a recording session or show, but are not used to hiring freelance musicians. These FAQ's are intended to help you plan ahead and save time when hiring me or other freelance musicians. For more advice on this subject, here's a good article to check out.

Q: I'd like to hire you for a gig/session/etc.! Where do I start?
A: It's best to email me with all of the information you have about what you'd like me to do. This includes the dates and time frames you'll need me for, the location, and any details about the work you'd like me to do. This enables me to give you a price quote more quickly; please keep in mind that I may need to ask for more details before I can give you a quote.

Q: I'd love to have strings on my next album, but I can't pay you. Will you record some tracks for me?
A: I'm glad you are interested in having strings on your album! Unfortunately, I only do paid studio work. If you are still interested, please email me to discuss rates!

Q: I have some great violin parts I'd like you to play! Sound good?
A: Awesome - as long as you mean viola parts! Remember that I play the viola, which is a fifth lower in range than the violin. We have a low C string instead of a high E string. The same notes/chords that ring beautifully on a violin E string may sound quite different and more stifled on a viola, but the viola has some lovely, mellower, darker tones that the violin does not have. You can listen to my recordings on the "Listen" page to give you an idea of what the viola's range is!
I also play a 7-string electric viola that can play as low as a cello or as high as a violin, but if you're thinking of an acoustic violin or cello, it most likely will not be the same tone you're looking for.

Q: The date and/or time of the gig/session has changed! See you on the new date/time?
A: Not necessarily. When you hire me, I check my calendar to make sure I am available for your date and time frame before I say yes. I do not back out on dates/times I have already committed to. If you change the date or time frame of the gig/session, however, you are no longer guaranteed my services. This also applies to additional dates/times you add after you hire me. If this happens, contact me as soon as possible to see if I am available for the new date/time.