NEXT GIG: SMP @ LiveWire (3394 N Milwaukee, Chicago) Friday July 27th. Doors@8pm, SMP@10
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Sad Monster Party is:
Mike Bibby: guitar, mutant guitar, vocals, studio engineer.
Diana Mayne: acoustic viola, electric viola.
Rachel Korn: drums.
Vick Viggler: bass.

Bibby teaches private music lessons in Elmhurst, Chicago (Western & Division), and via video chat:
Bibby & Rachel gig as a S.O.A.D. tribute:
Diana gigs with a classic rock cover band: The Johnny Burnett Band
Vick's other hard rock band (original music) is: Crash Course



"I thoroughly enjoyed your set. Excellent playing, writing, and performance. Some seriously high-level stuff." - Chuck Bontrager

"Sad Monster Party is a 4-piece face-melting Chicagoland Metal Band with a deep full classic metal sound.

When the band loads-in on stage, and then takes the stage, they appear to be this very unassuming band with a unique instrument combination. THEN the music starts! And it is intense. It's loud and engrossing - and attention demanding. It's pure heavy metal - and it moves - and it moves fast.

The lead vocals are deep and dark, the way metal should be - and they are understandable. The vocals are clear and sharp and the words can be heard - and thus the lyrics have meaning. In addition to singing, the lead vocalist is also the lead guitarist, and he can rip some speed-metal riffs with the best of them, but also with just the right nuance - sort of the "less is more" concept.

The bass guitarist is steady and sure, and plays a very important role in this band, as their music is very melodic. Not speed metal and not formula metal - but melodic with deep grooves, all of which is held together by the steady bass.

The drummer hits the skins with power and force and confidence. In terms of local bands, she is one of the hardest hitting drummers I have seen. But it's not just banging on the drums - it's crisp and clean and makes a statement. This is not just a backbeat - this is the beat. And it is done with precision.

And then there is the viola and violist. The what and the who? That's right - this band includes an electric viola (yes, they exist), and a very talented violist. As you guessed, most metal assumes multiple guitars, but this violist writes and arranges lead lines for the viola, which if I'm not mistaken is a 7-string. The violist and the guitarist produce a very unique and captivating musical harmony of instruments. Many people are familiar with harmonies in vocals - but this combination pulls off a perfect harmony of strings. One complements the other. But that's not all, everybody is familiar with Charlie Daniels and "Devil Went Down To Georgia" - but man, he's got nothing on this young lady when it's her turn to solo. Ever seen a heavy metal viola solo? Well, trust me - you need to!!!

On most songs it's a single vocalist, but on other songs, the vocalist and the violist pull off some awesome vocal harmonies as well - the mix of the male and female voice is perfect for their music.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough - this heavy metal band also includes an acoustic viola for a song or two. Ever seen or heard Van Halen's "Eruption" on acoustic viola (you know, the kind people associate with orchestras)? Again, trust me - you need to!!! Charlie Daniels and your fiddle - you have met your match!

Oh, on a side note, I got a chance to talk to some of the band members as well - really cool people on top of all that!"
- Cabin 7 Promotions


Previous gigs

Sunday Jan 29th, @ Reggie's Chicago   with   Batteries Not Included

Saturday, August 20th:
System of a DUO,
The Fox & The Hounds,
Sad Monster Party, and
423 E Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL (630) 357-1890

TUESDAY, March 29th @ Celtic Crown, Chicago.

SATURDAY, March 15th - Private party. (you can book us for yours, too!)

FRIDAY, March 14th, 9:00pm - 1:00am - IRISH MONSTER PARTY! We pay tribute to our heritage with an entire night of Celtic music at White Tavern, Naperville.

THURSDAY, March 13th, 9:00pm - Quencher's, Chicago (Fullerton and Western).
Sudden Deth / Split Earth / Monster Power / Sad Monster Party
Get tickets here.

SUNDAY, March 9th, 2:30pm - Sad Monster Party plays a short set with Mike Bibby's students at Mullen's as part of Naperville Music's "Rock School".

FEBRUARY 20th: We turn 2!

SATURDAY December 21st @ Red Line Tap: 7006 N Glenwood, 60626
11:00   Sad Monster Party
10:00   The idiots
  9:00   The Kindred
  8:00   Phil Circle

FRIDAY, November 1st 9:00pm, at White Tavern
with The Fox and the Hounds and Funks Capacitor.
423 E Ogden Ave Naperville, IL 60563. (630) 357-1890
9:00pm - 1:00am

FRIDAY, September 13th, at World of Beer Naperville
With special guest The Hyrax
1727 Freedom Dr Naperville, IL 60563, (630) 955-0399
9:00pm - 1:00am.

SATURDAY, August 24th, at Mike and Denise's Pizzeria
With special guest SideTrack
1760 N Farnsworth Ave Aurora, IL 60505, (630) 820-7447
10:00pm - 1:00am

FRIDAY, May 24th, at Lilly's Bar, Chicago
2515 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 529-1600

FRIDAY, April 12th, at White Tavern
423 E Ogden Ave Naperville, IL 60563. (630) 357-1890
9:00pm - 1:00am