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LISLE, IL: Saturday Oct 14th at BaseCamp with Sabbath and Korn tribute bands!

We charge between $500 and $1,000 to play, email us for a quote!


Live Wire Lounge, Chicago, Monday April 3rd & Monday May 1st.
Sat Oct 29 @ Gallery Cabaret with MODEL SERIAL KILLER (Marilyn Manson tribute)
September 2nd with Batteries Not Included

Saturday August 20th at White Tavern, Naperville

Sunday August 21st at Live Wire Lounge, Chicago

Sat April 30: Gallery Cabaret, Chicago

Sat May 28th: Fox Hole, Joliet
(private party)

Sat June 4: Live Wire, Chicago
(with a Marilyn Manson tribute
and a Faith No More tribute)

We charge $500 to play, plus:
$100 if we need to haul a bass amp,
$200 if we need to haul a drum kit,
$300 if we need to haul a PA system,
$5 a mile (away from 60622).

My other music projects (teaching, rock, folk, jazz, pop, etc) are listed at

- Mike

System of a Duo also gigs with a couple additional members as Sad Monster Party playing original music.

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